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Tirtha’s passion for all things culinary started at an extremely young age. He got training from one of the finest five-star restaurants in Goa, India with a well trained Chef. With all the experiences and training he started the journey of Chef from Spice and Curry in Madison, WI. He worked at Finest Indian Restaurants as an executive chef for 5yrs in Chicago. With an interest in fast food chain restaurants, he also got to work in a multi-location Indian Fast casual restaurant as Executive corporate chef for 5 years.

After 10 years of leading the kitchen of Indian restaurants, chef Tirtha ventured out on his own and founded indie culinaire. He created his own recipe for fresh homemade spices which he thinks gives more freshness in food with perfect flavors and taste.


Manoj is an award-winning in Dubai food culinary competition and highly motivated and capable professional cook with a real passion for preparing popular, healthy and nutritious meals. Having a ‘hands on’ approach to all areas of the kitchen and possessing excellent organizational skills and administrative skills and also encourage junior staff to achieve their best when preparing meals.

He is an experienced chef in Nepal, India, Dubai presently in America work with different-different restaurants.

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